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Coral Gables/Miami, FL
Feb. 19-21, 2009

Pre-conference event on the evening of February 18


Entertainment & restaurants / Entretenimiento & restaurantes



Estrella Morente, February 19th, Flamenco Festival

"Winner of the award for Best Show of 2008, Estrella Morente is pop culture royalty in Spain. Both of her parents are top flamenco stars, and she's married to one of Spain's most popular bullfighters. Her albums are big hits, and it is her strong, luscious voice you hear when Penelope Cruz sings in Pedro Almodovar's Volver. Hailing from Granada, Morente often performs songs from outside the traditional flamenco repertory, including sephardic Jewish songs and Jacques Brel hits, but always with that riveting, unmistakable Andalusian spirit. As everyone in Spain knows, when she sings, it can be difficult to take your eyes off her." (The New York Times).

Tickets vary in price ($35-$95) and the show will sell out soon - the festival sold out last year. Go to

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